2015 provisional date: 15th August 2015



* Gaelforce West results for 2014 click here


The original and still the best

This has always been the one to conquer and to master. It is challenging, unique and the magnificent landscape through which you travel will wow you at every turn.


67km course spanning two counties

The route takes you from Glassilaun beach in Co Galway to the heritage town of Westport, Co Mayo.


Trail/mountain running or walking; cycling and kayaking

The terrain includes mountain scree, bogland, trails, sealed roads and the majestic waters of Killary Fjord.


Connemara, Killary Fjord, Croagh Patrick and Westport

These are only some of the highlights of a route that provides a combination of natural challenges and breathtaking views that will test and delight you, regardless of your fitness level or your focus.