Gaelforce West Extreme Course

Below is the provisional course details for the new Gaelforce Extreme. The race will start and finish in the same locations as Gaelforce West. The main differences are that you will complete a longer kayak down the Fjord and will also climb and descend Mweelrea - the highest mountain in Connacht. You will then pick up your bike in Delphi and will follow the same route as Gaelforce West including Craogh Patrick.

We will have more details and maps available in the next few months.


Please note:

  • We will have Mweelrea route marked but you should feel comfortable on mountains. Mweelrea is a lot harder than Croagh Patrick and does not have any trail on it.
  • The kayak section is 4km. So competitors must be confident and comfortable with their personal paddling. 
  • This event is not suitable to beginners in adventure racing. You must have completed CAC/GFW or GFN in under 3.5/4.5hrs (Male) or CAC/GFW or GFN 3.5/5.5hrs (Female) OR have competed in an another adventure race/triathlon or marathon and have finished in the top 20%
  • We will not let anyone take part who we think is not experienced or fit enough.


The breakdown of discipline distances within the event is as follows:




28.5km Approx



45.5km Approx



4km Approx

  Total: 78 km


The detailed breakdown, nature and sequence of activity is as follows:



Stage 1: Beach, Trail and Road Run
You will get mucky and wet on the trail run.




Stage 2: Kayaking along Killary Harbour
Your feet will get wet unless you are very very careful!!




Stage 3: Mountain Run/Hike - Mweelrea
This section is running/hiking Mweelrea from the shore back down to Delphi.

The route will be marked and competitors must follow the marked route.




Stage 4: Cycling
There are steep sections involved in this route. When descending the steep hills please do so slowly so as to avoid an accident. There are sharp corners and small country roads on the route.




Stage 5: Mountain Run/Hike
Croagh Patrick – the top section of this mountain has a lot of loose stones so please take care when on this section. There is a cut off time on the Reek - if you do not reach the transition here by 15.30, you will not be allowed to ascend and you will be short coursed back to Westport.




Stage 6: Cycling
Always obey the rules of the road. There is an off road trail section that is 2 km long here. Once you come off this there is a steep downhill section on a small road. Please take care on this section and watch out for traffic and fellow competitors.

You will cycle on to the end of Westport quay where you will drop you bike and jog to the finish line.




If the weather is too bad on event day to go up Mweelrea, competitors will complete the Gaelforce West course.