FAQ - Killary Gaelforce


10 January 2019

Can I get a refund?

No, entry fees are non-refundable so do make sure that you can commit to both the event and the training before you enter one of our events.

10 January 2019

Can I transfer my entry?

No, entry fees are non-transferable to either other years or other events.

10 January 2019

Can I get a group discount?

Group discounts are available for groups of 10 or more who are all entering and paying at once. Please contact us to discuss your group.

Turf Warrior event -. Your group discount will be applied automatically by the registeration system when you enter online for a group of 10 or more.

28 November 2019

What is the Gaelforce Eco Cup Rental?

At Gaelforce 10K Bray Cliff Run 2019 alone we used around 6000 paper cups, which we are trying to reduce in 2020. This is why we are introducing the Gaelforce Eci Cup Rental.

When signing up to any of our Gaelforce 2020 events a Gaelforce Eco Cup Rental of €1 will be added to your booking. At the event you will receive a reusable cup at the finish line. You can use this cup for your tea, coffee and water instead of paper cups. Once you are finished with your cup, you can bring it back to the cup return station and you will get your Gaelforce Eco Cup Rental of €1 back.

In case of cancellations or no shows at the event, we will donate the Gaelforce Eco Cup Rental of €1 to our exclusive charity partner Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health.

10 January 2019

What is Gaelforce’s environmental policy?

Gaelforce aims to promote and inspire responsible outdoor recreation. We work with our competitors to implement our strong environmental protection policy and values at each of our events.

10 January 2019

Can I buy a gift voucher for the entry fee?

Yes, you can, and what a great gift to give! You can purchase our gift vouchers online and the cost will be the cost of the event plus the booking fee. The vouchers can be used for any event once purchased with the value of the voucher off-set against the entry fee.

10 January 2019

Do Gaelforce hire bicycles for any event?

No Gaelforce does not hire bicycles. However please review the FAQs of the the event you are interested in as we might have recommendations for bike hire specific to the event. 

10 January 2019

Do you need to be able to navigate for any of the Gaelforce events?

No, it is not necessary to be able to navigate for any of our events, however we do encourage participants to read the course descriptions and study the course maps so that they are familiar with the course layout and what lies ahead.

10 January 2019

Are there any events suitable for teams to enter together?

Turf Warrior is the ideal event where it is possible to enter as a team. Special group discounts for teams of 10 or more entrants applies automatically when you sign up. 

If you are interested in entering a group for any of our other events please do get in touch as we would be happy to discuss options with you. 

10 January 2019

Are all events timed?

All of our events are timed expect for Turf Warrior

10 January 2019

Is water provided along the courses?

Yes water is provided along all of the courses (apart from the Swim!) and is usually to be found at the transition areas. However you must bring along your own water vessel (bottle, platypus, etc).