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8 February 2019

What does my entry fee include?

  • Race clothing (fleece or core stretch jumper)
  • Race number with electronic timing device
  • Use of kayaks, paddles and buoyancy aids
  • Race medal upon completion
  • Post-event food
  • Fully marked route with marshals at key points
  • Safety cover
8 February 2019

Is this event suitable for First Timers?

Gaelforce West is a tough but achievable challenge for first timers. You will need to train and have a good level of fitness to take part. The spectacular route gives a real sense of being at one with the elements and there is always great camaraderie and support on the day. With 3 different disciplines to keep you moving forward, the sense of achievement when you cross that finish line will be second to none.

8 February 2019

Which wave should I enter?

You can choose to enter any wave. If you want to compete for an overall winner or a category prize, you must enter Wave 1 / Elite when you sign up for this event.

22 November 2019

Can I change my wave?

We cannot facilitate any wave changes after you have entered this event, so please make sure to sign up for your preferred wave when you enter. If your preferred wave is sold out, it will no longer be visible online and you must choose an alternative wave.

8 February 2019

Where are the locations for registration, the start line & finish line for Gaelforce West?

Registration is postal for this event. We will send your number out the week before the event and it should arrive with you by the 15 June 2023.

There will be information/registration desks at the two bike drop off areas on Friday the 16 June, only. 
1. Westport skate park (the finish line)
2. Delphi Adventure Resort

The start line is in the Inagh Valley in Connemara. Buses to the start line leave from Westport, depending on your wave and parking area. The finish line is at Westport at the skate park. 

Please note that this may be subject to change. Final details will be posted on the website and emailed to all competitors 2 weeks before the event.

8 February 2019

What is the mandatory kit for Gaelforce West?

Mandatory Kit
This mandatory kit MUST be carried throughout the event. You will not be allowed to start without it:

  • Survival blanket and whistle
  • Windproof/waterproof top
  • Cycle helmet (can be left with your bike at the transition area)
  • Basic bike repair kit
  • Water bottle

There are water refilling stations at transition points along the route. To protect our local environment, we do not give out water bottles or cups at this event.

Recommended Kit
We also recommend that you have:

  • Suitable cycling shoes and gloves
  • Sturdy walking/running shoes
  • Waterproof leggings
  • Course map 
  • Energy food and drink

Please be aware that parts of the route are off-road and it may take a while for medical aid to reach you should you need it.

8 February 2019

What type of bike should I use?

This event takes place on sealed roads, so a road bike or hybrid bike is best.

8 February 2019

What type of bike tyres should I use?

We would recommend Continental Gator Skins followed by Specialised Armadillos. A cheaper option is Rubines.

The key element for most participants using Road Bikes (racers) is tyre pressure - pressure should be between 110-120psi. Check the side wall of the tyre to make sure it can take that much pressure. For those using Hybrid Bikes, pressure needs to be approximately 70psi or more. Not pumping tyres hard enough is a common mistake.

Make sure you also know how to change a tyre and have a bike repair kit and spare tubes with you. 

Please note that only one bike can be used by each competitor. Changing bikes during the event is not allowed.

11 November 2019

Can I use aerobars on my bike?

No, aerobars are not allowed and must be taken off for the event. 

22 November 2019

Can I hire a bike for the event?

Please note that Gaelforce Events does NOT operate any bike hire for this event. However we can recommend the following bike hire:

  • Clew Bay Bike Hire in Westport. Contact them at info@clewbaybikehire.ie to find out more about their bike hire service and the range of bikes available. 
17 April 2019

What facilities are at the finish line?

You will receive a Finishers Pack at the finish line containing your finishers medal, finishers t-shirt & fruit.

There are water bottle refilling stations at the finish line and freshly made soup & bread will also be available.

22 November 2019

What happens if I cancel my event entry?

All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. This includes transfers to other years, events or competitors. Please do make sure that you can commit to both the event and the training before you enter one of our events.

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